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Thurs 29th June - Jazz Gig - MILON Jazz Quartet - see below for more information

July - Blues Gig - tbc

Weds 14th September - Jazz Gig - Gilad Atzmon OHE - a tribute to John Coltrane

Weds 4th October - Jazz Gig - Roger Beaujolais (vibraphone)



Thursday 29th June


The Bronx Bar, Teignmouth




 Milon is fronted by tenor saxophonist Dino Christodoulou and electric guitarist Neil Smith, two very strong players coming from different backgrounds.  Dino is straight-ahead tenor player out of the Sonny Rollins tradition;  Neil is a post-rock decidedly electric guitarist with a few classic progenitors.  He combines angular, sometimes dissonant funky chording with blistering solos, rapid flurries of overdriven notes and textural sustains.  Dino contributes tunes with a Cypriot ( his nationality) flavour, churning rhythms and rapid riffs, very Laventine.  Drummer Roberto Nappi and bassist Pasquale Votino excel at these grooves.  Together they make for a tight sound on the edge of wildness.


Doors open at 7.30pm

£10/£8 Members/£5 Students and U18s with ID

Accompanied U14s Free





Past Gig Nights

February 17 - Giles Robson Blues Band - Thanks Giles, an exciting night

March 15th - Skedaddle - What a fun night, thanks Skedaddle.

April 5th - Annika Skoogh Quartet - Jazz at its best! Some of the South Wests finest musicians :)

May 11th - Ben & Sy's Stompin Blues - Great night had by all :)




There is plenty of free parking in Teignmouth after 6pm.


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